Dr Geraldine Robson-Parsons

Dr Geraldine Robson-Parson
(MTech.Hom.Deg.UJ) (PGCert.Nutrition.CNELM)


I am a AHPCSA registered homeopathic / naturopathic doctor with a post graduate certification in personalised nutrition accredited by the University of Middlesex, UK. I qualified in a variety of complimentary medical approaches including homeopathy, herbal medicine, functional medicine and nutrition. I have recently completed a diploma in culinary arts.

Nutrition is an important foundation on which health is built. Throughout my years in clinical practice, I found that there is a need for a practical approach to health, especially when it comes to nutrition. Most of us know what we ‘should’ be doing, but need some help understanding ‘how’ to apply it to our own lives.

I rejoice in the opportunity to share my knowledge and love of feel good food with you through regular workshops, personal mentoring and my first recipe book:  Nutrilicious Kitchen – The Heart & Art of Nutrition. My conviction in the power of an integrated attitude to healthcare comes from first-hand experience. Learning how to preserve your own health is a vital aspect of living your life with vitality and resilience.

As a self-confessed foodie and enthusiastic amateur chef, I have lots of fun inventing and creating dishes that are nutritious and delicious, what I call NutriLicious food. I look forward to sharing the NutriLicious Kitchen with you!


My Food Philosophy

 Eat a rainbow of plant-based foods
Eat with the seasons
Enjoy a variety of foods
Support local food producers
Excite your taste buds. Life is too short for bland and boring food
Choose healthier food options over restrictions
Be a mindful eater
Cultivate a nourishing and happy relationship with food