Cooking is a joy if time in the kitchen is fun-filled, creative and the reward is something delicious to eat that is also good for us. If you’re looking for the confidence to try something new, need to upgrade your cooking skills or just want to find the joy in making nutritious food for yourself and your family, then we’re here to help you! We offer tailored in-kitchen sessions to improve your skills and inspire healthy eating.

Be Inspired

The Nutrilicious Kitchen supports a sustainable, ethical food system. We understand that as consumers, our food choices have an impact on the planets resources and the animals we share this incredible world with.

As it turns out, eating more sustainably grown plant foods is not only good for our health, but great for the planet too. Our motivation is to offer inspiring, educational plant-based and vegetarian cooking classes for all walks of life, whether you're already a seasoned veg fan or just curious about how to include more plant foods into your diet.

You will learn to choose nutritionally valuable ingredients, how to prepare and use ingredients to optimise their nutritional value and how to make amazing plant-based and vegetarian meals.

If you need some cooking tuition for specific therapeutic diets, we offer you the support to make the necessary dietary adjustments.