Personalized Nutrition

Nutrition is a hot topic, not only in the world of health and science, but in the media too. As researchers validate the value and influence diet has on health, heated debates about the subject continue. Information is often misleading and creates confusion as to what dietary benefits and limitations exist. Working with an experienced professional will allow you to discuss your needs and expectations, and in return receive personal advice and sensible guidance.

You are unique and require solutions that consider your specific needs, especially when it comes to nutrition. Personalized recommendations are based on a detailed health and lifestyle history, as well as specialized testing when required. I take time to listen and aim to understand the underlying cause of illness. This will help me guide you in the direction of health and wellbeing.

Nutrition and your Genes

The groundbreaking field of nutrigenomics involves the study of the relationship between your genes, the food you eat and health. These DNA tests may be used to gain a better understanding of unique predispositions, and can provide valuable information for adopting preventative care strategies, weight management and athletic performance. A simple mouth swab offers a precise nutritional and lifestyle directive.